20 Minutes FULL Distant Reiki Healing Session - INSTANT SESSION - Unique Item #1085

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20 Minutes Distant Reiki Healing Session.

The session is available immediately after ordering.


What is an Instant Session?

You are probably familiar with “queued “energies and attunements, where the energy work is “performed in advance” and can be taken down/received whenever the receiver is ready.

Instant sessions work the same way, except they are not prepared for a particular person. Instead, they are prepared and stored in a “spiritual vault”, connected to a unique access code. Any person with that unique access code can access that vault and receive the session instantly!

Includes simple instructions on how to access your session.


“...Pretty cool, thank you. Very pleasant and relaxing effect…”


“...I smile after this healing session... now i feel a great joy in body and soul…” 


“... I felt a very fine but strong and wonderful energy working with me. I enjoyed the pleasant warmth for a few moments. Afterwards I thanked you for healing my back pain :-)...”


“...Hi Ole and much gratitude for my healing..... What a powerful energy. Today i feel WOW! Body/mind/spirit a-live and the "light is back on". I embrace this day with all of me :o). My eyes and skin are clear which says it all. Many many thanks once again and i look forward to the other sessions…”


“...Thank you for sending the healing. I have had a couple minor health issues that just won't resolve, but they seem to have lessened since you sent the healing. Looking forward to the next one. :) …” 


"...Thank you! My ankle has completely healed..." 


"...Hi Ole, Thank you so much for the healing energy! It felt as though the energy went straight to my heart and I felt a wonderful opening. It was such a warm loving energy. I then drifted into a blissful sleep and had the most vivid dream of a different and peculiar world that I could not contain with my waking consciousness the next morning, though it left me with a beautiful expansive feeling. I also would like to thank you for all of the energy work you've done for me in the past- many attunements and more recently, a karmic clearing session. It's some of the most potent healing work I have had. Your work has been such a light on my path :)..." 


"...Thank you, Ole. I am ecstatic with this healing. I signed up for more :) ..."


"...Just wanted to say a massive Thank You for the block of healing sessions i received from you and the goddess Eir :o). There has been a marked improvement in my life. BIG blocks cleared at long last and this manifested in me be able to complete a very boring and long written report in four consecutive days. Also, other emotional issues too that were seriously draining me - i have come into my own now and claim my good and all parties benefit. This energy was so powerful and so appaarent. The process of the shifting wasn't very pleasant at all but because i knew what was happening i was able to fully accept it and respect it and know it was for my good. Those blocks were stubborn and the "nastiness" of their matter was revealed through this healing process. Many thanks once again. 


"...Thank you very much for your affordable prices..." 


“...Dear Ole, Thanks a lot for your wonderful sessions! After Eir healing I feel energized and I have a sense of lightness, peace and love. It also seems to bring me good luck, especially helpful now during exams…” 


"...Thanks Ole. I see so much change for everyone your energy touches. I am extremely grateful that you use your gifts to help my friends and family..."