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Ethereal Flowers 2

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 *** Energy Upgraded October 2022 + New Beautiful Manual Layout! ***

You are attuned to the following flowers:

Mimulus Fear of known things.
Mustard Deep gloom for no reason.
Oak Is driven by a strong sense of duty and struggles although exhausted.
Olive Fatigued, feel exhausted.
Pine Guilt Blame yourself for other people's mistakes.
Red Chestnut Over-concerned for others.
Rock Rose Scared, terror, fright.
Rock Water Is inflexible, self-denial, rigidity, and self-repression.
Scleranthus Suffer from indecision.
Star Of Bethlehem Grief or shock.
Sweet Chestnut Extreme mental anguish.
Vervain Over-enthusiasm.
Vine Dominance and inflexibility.
Walnut Protection from change and unwanted influences, assists in adjustment to transition or change.
Water Violet Pride and aloofness.
White Chestnut Persistent unwanted thoughts.
Wild Oat Uncertainty over one's direction in life.
Wild Rose Drifting, resignation, apathy.
Willow Self-pity and resentment.

You will further learn how to make a "rescue remedy".

Includes a manual, a one-page Ethereal Flowers cheat sheet, and a beautiful certificate!