Male/Female Balance

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Male/Female Balance is the energy that is going to balance polarities inside of ourselves.

We are going to have balanced yin and yang energy and understand better the concept of perfect unity.

The male principle represents the archetype of Mars which is action, sexuality, and strength. The female principle represents the archetype of Venus which is feeling, intuition, and romantic love.

This energy helps us balance these principles, staying female or male, of course. When we are balanced, we attract the person who is balanced.

Also, we can have both emotional and sexual life equally developed. We are also going to feel more prone to express our deepest feelings and desires!

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!

I perform these attunements between 8:30 and 13.00 Copenhagen time on working days, but you do NOT need to be "present" (online), aware of the session, or awake at the moment of the session. It is not "prepared in advance", but performed in "real-time". I will though send out an email just before I begin the session and when it has been successfully performed.