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Elements in Us

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How is this world organized? Is there some logical pattern that we can rely on and find numerous answers to our existential questions? Even though sometimes it seems illogical, take a look at the world inside of yourselves. What is in there, it is your reality! But gaze into nature as well.

Since the beginning of this world, many philosophers, wise people, mystics, poets, etc, had talked about the elements of nature. In more recent history, we can notice them in many religions, philosophical schools, religious temples and buildings, pieces of art, mystical practices, astrology… These elements are everywhere. But are they in us? Of course, they are. We are in everything, and everything is in us. For example, most of us have been asked at least once during our life what our zodiac sign is. But how many of us dived deeper into that matter to step into the reality of sacred numbers, the influence of the stars and planets, and the elements of nature and… hey, there is whole synesthesia! How blessed we are to represent the microworld inside this microcosmos.

Since all of us are individuals and completely different, we carry beautiful uniqueness. We are all born with a unique gift from God. We should cherish it and work on it and that is the best way to give our personal present to this whole world. However, we should also work on our so-called weak spots. For instance, there are amazing athletes with great physical strength and social intelligence, but they cope with how to show their emotions. Or here is an amazing poet who finds it difficult to adapt to this world. Or there is a wonderful, emotional mother who finds it difficult to find motivation for developing a personal career. Of course, you got the point.

We are so lucky that there are numerous ways to get to know yourself better and be aware of your nature. This life journey of self-recognition is infinite, beautiful, and amazing!

During this simple, but potent course, you can work on the elements of nature that are also inside of each of us. But before we tell you about that calming and powerful meditation with element symbols and their energies, we are going to introduce you to maybe the most important theory about elements in history, before ancient times.

Sacred Geometry & the Elements of Nature

Sacred geometry represents the study of natural geometrical forms. It is considered that everything in this world is connected. When we think of religious views and different philosophical studies, we notice that most of them have similarities in this area of study.

Most of us are familiar with the concept that there are four elements in nature: fire, earth, air, and water. However, we should also pay attention to the aether.

Fire represents inspiration, instinct, activity, energy, self-confidence, and passion.

Earth represents substance, body, grounding, practicality, weight, and the earthly realm.

Air represents the mind, ideas, intellect, and conceptuality.

Water represents femininity, imagination, nurturing, flow, and emotions.

Aether (the fifth element, quintessence) represents life force, pure essence that fills the space.

According to Plato, each of the elements of nature is associated with the geometric solids. Those sacred geometric shapes represent the symbols that you are going attuned to. by connecting to them, you are unlocking the beautiful and potent world of ancient elements.

Fire corresponds to the tetrahedron. Earth corresponds to the hexahedron. Air corresponds to the octahedron. Water corresponds to the icosahedron. Aether corresponds to the dodecahedron. 

In this course you are going to get:

• Five powerful attunements to the symbols of elements of nature
• Description of meditations for these symbols
• Concise affirmations for developing personal skills that correspond to each element

Benefits of this course:

• Balancing your personal skills
• Developing talents and boosting your so-called weak spots
• Opening for further research about ancient knowledge

Includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!