NEW: Morganite Essence, 4 Swift Archangel Energies & The Source of Truth from Kuan Yin

16 Deity & Elemental Empowerments

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*** Energies Upgraded June 2022! ***

This package contains 12 Deity & the 4 Elements Empowerments - a total of 16 Empowerments!

To receive a deity empowerment (attunement) is to become more aligned with that specific God/Goddess.

It is a distant empowerment session, where your connection to a chosen God/Goddess/Elemental will be strengthened. This means, that your ability to work with and channel that specific deity, will become much stronger!

Anyone can work with the Gods/Goddesses/Elementals without an empowerment. But receiving an empowerment can make a difference. If you are sensitive to energies you will most likely notice, that your ability to connect, work and channel the energy of the deity/deities will be much improved!

You will further learn how to use the deities and elements for:

• Charging oils,
• Performing a "candle healing" Session
• Creating a "deity box"
and more!

The Deities:

BRIGHID (also Brigit) - Goddess of mercy and compassion.

Keywords: Agriculture, Writing, Arts and Crafts, Divination, Enchantments, Fertility, Healing, Health, Herbs, home, Inspiration, Love, Magickal Arts, Motherhood, Oracles, Patron of Priestesses, Prophecy, Psychic Abilities, Tarot, Vegetation, music.

CERNUNNOS - God of fertility, life, animals, wealth.

Keywords: Animals, Commerce, Fertility, Healing, Herbs, Journeys,
Music, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities, Wine, Woodlands.

LUG also LUGH, LLEU - A sun god.

Keywords: Architecture, Arts and Crafts, Commerce, Healing, Health, Journeys, Music, Patron of Priests, Regeneration, Solar Magick, Writing.

APHRODITE - Goddess of fertility, love and beauty.

Keywords: Beauty, Flowers, Happiness, Love, Marriage, Passion, Sexual Activities, Women.

APOLLO - God of light, prophecy and music.

Keywords: Beauty, Death, Divination, Fertility, Healing, Health, Inspiration, Music.

DEMETER to the Romans, CERES - Goddess of grain and the fruitful earth.

Keywords: Women, Agriculture, Blessings, Childbirth, Children, Commerce, Divination, Fertility, Home, Marriage, Motherhood, Protection, Regeneration, Seasons.

DIONYSIUS - God of Spring

Keywords: Fertility, Happiness, Regeneration.

HELIOS - God of the sun

Keywords: Abundance, Prosperity, Athletics, Commerce, Communication, Journeys, Merchants, Success.

RA - God of the sun

Keywords: Agriculture, Prosperity.

RHIANNON - Goddess of horses and birds

Keywords: Animals, Calmness, Fertility, Horses.

KUAN YIN (Kwan Yin) - Goddess of mercy and compassion

Keywords: Calmness, Childbirth, Children, Commerce, Fertility, Healing, Mercy, Motherhood, Patron of Priestesses, Protection, Purification.

DIANA - Moon Goddess

Keywords: Animals, Childbirth, Children, Fertility, Freedom, justice, Motherhood, protection, purification, success, women.

The Elements:

Fire Element

Keywords: South, summer, passion, strength, and energy.

Earth Element

Keywords: North, Winter, material, nature, fertility, and grounding.

Water Element

Keywords: West, Autumn, changes, emotions, and healing.

Air Element

Keywords: East, spring, intellect, communication, imagination, and travel.

Includes manual and a beautiful certificate.

The course has 2 modules and is performed over 2 days.