Bastet's Complete Animal Healing System

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In this amazing and profound course, you are going to get 5 powerful and extremely useful attunements!

Channeled message from goddess Bastet:

"This system contains the energies that are going to help your pets and all other animals in the world have a better and more prosperous life!

You share this realm with them and you should respect, cherish and love them with the love from God.

They are amazing creatures. They are your teachers and your guardians!

With this healing system, you can contribute to a better quality of their lives. Sometimes, it is not just about feeding and petting them.

This is a way to heal them on a daily basis and to prevent even illnesses that might need to be treated by a veterinarian. So it can be both help, and prevention for the healthier life of your animals, stray animals, and all animals in the world. It is suitable for every animal in the world.

It is not only for domestic animals, such as cats and dogs but for wild and exotic as well.

Of course, if the case is a wild animal, you should treat it with distant healing. In the case of domestic animals, you can use hands-on healing."

The 5 energies:

Paw of Wisdom: This energy is especially good for young animals that learn what the world is. It is mainly intended for the young ones that learn how to behave, how the world functions, where their position in the world is, and how to have the best life they can.

Fur of Health: This energy can help promote the immune system of the animal.

Tail of Orientation: This energy can help animals realize their life mission in this world.

Pupil of Vision: This energy works on animals’ 6th sense.

Love of Fertility: This energy works with the reproductive system of animals. This energy will help them during the pregnancy or even deliver babies to the world to be safe and sane. Also, it helps males to stay fertile, happy, and healthy.

Benefits from this system:

• Healing animals & humans
• Suitable for pet owners & animal lovers
• For people who want to connect to nature and all animals of the world
• For those who want to understand the whole animal kingdom
• For people of adventurous spirit
• Strengthening connection between humans & animals
• Raises your vibration
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Comes with instructions on how to pass on the attunements, how to use the energies for hands-on healing, and distance healing.

The course further includes a manual and a beautiful certificate. Click here to view a sample certificate.