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Animal Healing System from Saint Francis of Assisi

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We are always so happy when all of us are blessed with a healing system that includes our best friends, animals. We share this life and planet with them. Therefore, we should treat them with love, respect, and care. All people who have ever had pets know that best. But even if you do not have a pet, you should give yourself a chance to make a connection deeper with their beautiful and amazing world.

In this system, you are going to get a powerful channeled message from Saint Francis of Assisi, as well as the attunement of his energy. He is known to be the protector of the animal world and nature.

Secondly, you are going to get a powerful symbol that stands for golden ratio in nature.

Finally, you are going to receive the energy called “Animal Blessing” that is potent, powerful, yet calming.

This system is not only for the animals but for us, humans, as well.

Channeled message from Saint Francis of Assisi:

"I am a protector of animals. I am here to tell you that animals are pure angels in this world. They are there to help you and show you how to love, everything and everybody. Animals are your protectors. Their eyes are full of unconditional love. And if you do not recognize that, it is simply in vain. You have to really see beyond the fact that they do not speak, go to school, or build houses. You have to see beyond and say: “They are the same as we are, as human beings.” We are all one through God. When you realize that, you will love them more, but with pure love. You will see their personality, their character, their eyes, and the love they emit to the world. If you treat them equally as you treat each other, this world will be so much better place. You have to strive to that, to give them love, to give them what they give to you unconditionally. If you do that, it is an immense booster to the world."

Benefits from this system:

• Healing animals & humans
• Strengthening connection between humans & animals
• Infuse into water to create a "healing elixir"
• Raises your vibration
• No pre-requisites
• Easy to use
• Good both for beginners and experienced healers

Comes with instructions on how to pass on the attunements, how to use the energies for distance healing, hands-on healing, and energizing water!

The course further includes a manual and a beautiful certificate!